Supercharge Your Data Migration Plan with Process Automation

  |  October 26, 2016

The term data migration can refer to data migration per se — a one-time movement of data from a legacy system to a new platform — as well as more general, ongoing processes for moving information back and forth between the new and old systems. In either scenario, automating processes is absolutely essential for successful... Read More

Getting Past the Big Bang Myth to a Workable Data Migration Strategy

  |  October 12, 2016

One of the fundamental decisions an organization must make about its data migration strategy is when to migrate information from existing systems into a modernized platform. After all, data migration can be a fairly disruptive process, so there’s a strong appeal to getting it over with quickly, even if an outage must be imposed upon... Read More

How Metadata Management Can Accelerate Data Migration

  |  October 5, 2016

Some of the biggest challenges facing an organization that seeks to migrate its data are the large volumes of data residing in the legacy system, and the data’s inconsistent structure and quality. Typically, the data must be assessed, cleaned, or otherwise transformed before it can be moved. Even more challenging, the older data repositories may... Read More