Information Management

Well-defined, contextually-meaningful, and available data is at the heart of every important strategic and tactical decision that Federal organizations make.  At the same time, agencies face the challenge of synthesizing data across numerous sources operated by different parts of the organization and sometimes even by other agencies.

IOP’s information management services provide comprehensive support to the architecture, management, migration, and sharing of enterprise data – providing a platform where existing data is better leveraged, new data is structured in the context of mission problems, and return on investment of data assets is optimized.

Data Architecture:  Our data architecture services leverage architectural design methods and Federal standards to shepherd agency portfolios of data assets.  We bring adherence to the strict data quality, normalization, and storage requirements while meeting standards for data retention, security, and integrity.  IOP helps agencies build a deep, wide-ranging knowledge of its information needs and priorities and effectively develop a data architecture that synthesizes technical, organizational, and program management perspectives that are tactically implemented through life cycle processes, change management efforts, and governance policies.

Data Management: IOP designs and develops new databases, warehouses, and other information stores to provide streamlined access to critical mission data using data management products ranging from mainframe-based databases, traditional relational databases on midrange platforms, as well as NoSQL and document-oriented products.  We create and support complex information repositories and data stores integrated with innovative and intuitive analytics, decision support, and business reporting capabilities.  These solutions allow our clients to maximize the operational value of enterprise data, whether through operational reporting, stakeholder dashboards, or advanced data visualization.