Technology Modernization

With a focus on leading technologies backed by processes that propel modernization programs forward, IOP helps enterprises to achieve the future, today.

Agile Development

It takes more than daily scrums and retrospectives to get to the outcomes that make Agile really valuable: predictability, responsiveness, transparency.

When done right, Agile Development increases delivery capability, fosters innovation and creativity, and yields more business value far earlier in the project timeline. It provides an approach that emphasizes user needs and priorities, continuous delivery, rapid adaptation to changing circumstances, and total transparency for business owners and key stakeholders.

IOP helps clients by providing better planning, practices, and expertise using Agile Development techniques that have been proven across client engagements. These practices enable our customers to take on larger projects with newfound success, while enhancing relationships with business stakeholders, proactively identifying issues and delivering applications on-schedule and within budget. Our folks bring the philosophy, the process, the techniques, and the results focus that translates into successful delivery with speed and transparency.


Speed. Agility. Quality. Security.

For years, IT development organizations have striven to combine these factors to produce high-performing and sustainable systems that ramp up the speed of delivery while embedding security approaches, improving the quality of delivery, and providing the mission organization with the agility it needs to meet changing needs and priorities.

IOP enables organizations to transition from traditional software delivery processes and infrastructure into streamlined DevSecOps approaches. Our full-stack engineers are fluent across the entire space of the technical solutions: front- end, back-end, database, network, and system operations. We bundle comprehensive pipelines that build, secure, test, and deploy using leading tooling that automates the process from end-to-end.

For our clients, DevSecOps means they don’t have to wait on reports, approvals, and vendor-imposed release schedules. With full automation and comprehensive alerting and reporting, IOP gives our clients the flexibility to operate at the pace they want to, with the peace of mind that comes from embedded security and quality engineering.

Cloud Engineering and Migration

Sure, you’re going to the cloud, but are you just changing locations or are you really gaining the advantages of speed, quality, cost, and innovation that cloud environments can deliver?

At IOP, we view cloud migrations and new implementations as opportunities for organizations to rethink how they acquire, architect, secure, implement, and operate their IT systems and portfolios. For years, we’ve operated inside cloud environments including AWS commercial, GovCloud, and C2S, along with Microsoft Azure Government. Our certified staff are experts across disciplines of cloud engineering, modern applications development frameworks, cloud monitoring and operations tools, and managed cloud services. This expertise provides our clients optimized solutions across cost, capabilities, performance, and security requirements.

Open Source

Every IT organization wants to drive innovation, reduce costs, and not be locked in to an ever-changing vendor landscape. When strategically applied, open source technologies provide just this mix of benefits to adopt new approaches faster, and often at a fraction of the cost.

IOP has been delivering solutions based on open source technologies for years. From fundamental underlying technologies to purpose-built application frameworks and products, we continually scan and implement the latest capabilities provided by the open source community. We leverage partnerships with key technology companies like Red Hat and Docker, providing our customers with capabilities that evolve much quicker than proprietary technologies at a significantly lower cost.


Do you want to free yourself of pricey infrastructure maintenance and operations costs and services? And are you comfortable with what you may have to give up to do that?

As cloud providers offer serverless technologies, a whole new world of options that lower costs and speed solutions development are feasible. These additional capabilities reduce the architecture and operational requirements to rapidly stand up and operate a new system. At the same time, they present trade-offs related to control, configuration, cost, and even security.

IOP helps organizations navigate these trade-offs and make architectural and operational decisions that strike the right balance. Using serverless technologies,, we’ve realized significant operational cost savings over time. Moreover, we’ve found new ways to speed up the process for obtaining Authority to Operate, putting IT products in the hands of users at an accelerated pace.